Dj Zeke grew up in Pasadena, CA and moved to Santa Barbara to further his education.

It was during this time in college that DJ Zeke found his true passion in life, that was the role of a deejay.

He began to deejay in 1994 and had his first break in 1995 at Alex’s Cantina in Goleta. Since that time DJ Zeke has been found popping up in virtually every club in the Santa Barbara area.

He has held many residency positions at various clubs including Alex’s Cantina, Zelo’s, Q’s Nightclub (For 8 straight years), Club Azul, and The Wildcat.

Although DJ Zeke truly enjoys performing at nightclubs he believes that Event Entertainment is his specialty.

He takes pride in putting his best efforts forward when it comes to an event as small as a backyard birthday party to those as large and as perfect as a wedding.

So, whether it is a wedding, a club, a party, a corporate event or any event that you feel would be even more special with the presence of a deejay, remember, DJ Zeke’s experience and knowledge will make your event an even more memorable one.

DJ Jerry Rodriguez, born and raised in Santa Barbara, has been a professional Disc Jockey for night clubs and events for over 14 years.

Being raised as the son of a musician, he was always attracted to the way music could make an event come to life. Jerry's vast experience as a nightclub/ bar & event DJ, coupled with his latino background, make his ability to seamlessly blend between genres effortless.

He has played all over Santa Barbara clubs and bars including such places as but not limited to: The Study Hall, Sandbar, Indochine, Tonic, Omalleys, Savoy, Statemynt & Sharkeez.

Although the nightlife is essential in any dj’s career, Jerry’s true passion lies in performing at a wedding or private events. It is here where he can tailor the music to reflect your personality while providing all of your guests a memorable experience as well.

Weddings, Wedding VenuesDJ Zeke, Best Wedding DJs in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner